Word Search Contest Description

03/12/2012 19:33

Wanna win the Midnight Glade, the Dream Yacht, the Sunset Yacht, the Space Station or the Obsidian Rune Blade hand item? Click the link below for which prize you want and find the words in the word search. When you find all the words, fill out the feedback section with: your PSN id, your email, and the space/item you want and the words you found.

Check our website everyday for hints that will help you with your puzzle.

Contest starts: Monday March 12th - Ends: Tuesday March 20th

*you can only submit for one prize.


Example of submittion:

Name: (PSN ID)

E-mail: (Your E-Mail Address)

Subject: (Space/Item you are trying to win)

Message: (1. word)

              (2. word)