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12/06/2011 17:54

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TWEC Word Search Contest

Description: TWEC held a word search contest and this is a video of us showing how we picked our winners and us announcing them! 

Date Added: March 21, 2012


Dream Yacht Tour

Description: xiggy09 showing off Lockwood's new Dream Yacht

Date Added: December 27, 2011


Midnight Glade Tour

Description: Showing off Lockwood's New Personal Space: The Midnight Glade

Starring: xiggy09, PoisonPreed, Dark_Preed, Chelada, shizzoshizzo, and eltriste14

Song: Ghosts and Stuff
By: Deadmau5

Date Added: December 19, 2011


Lockwood Publishings AMAZING Midnight Glade space

Description: Uploaded using LOOT(TM) Machinima Tools on PlayStation (Reg U.S. Pat & TM Off) Home.

Date Added: December 18, 2011


ARG Teaser

Description: xiggy09 finds her lovers body in Sodium and now she needs Chelada's help to find out why its there and what happened to him!

Date Added: December 6, 2011


B'Loons Fashion Show

Description: Chelada models the new balloon costumes from KONAMI

Date Added: December 3, 2011


Lockwood's New Aditions

Date Added: November 24, 2011


The Whole En-Chelada Ep. 4 Live Edition

Date Added: November 2, 2011


The Whole En-Chelada's Fash Bash

Description: This is The Whole En-chelada's 1st of our monthly fashion showcases. We will be showing the latest and greatest fashions for both male and female clothing in Home. Please feel free to leave both positive and negative feedback as long as it's constructive. Thx for watching

Date Added: August 17, 2011


The Silicon Lounge

Description: This is my edition of Lockwood Publishing's Silicon Lounge made exclusively for Sony's Playstation Home.

Date Added: August 16, 2011


The Whole En-Chelada Ep.3

Description: In this episode we discuss Home's closed vs open beta. It seems as if Lockwood has had a very big impact on Home. Lockwood Publishings Home pages are & Its Facebook fan pages are & Its Twitter fan pages are &

Date Added: July 30, 2011


The Whole En-Chelada (special undercover edition)

Descripton: We put on our newb outfit and see if we come into any harrassment.

Date Added: June 29, 2011


The Whole En-Chelada Ep.2

Description: Today we talk about the PSN store.

Date Added: May 26, 2011


Lockwood Home fashion competition

Date Added: May 20, 2011


The Whole En-Chelada Ep. 1 re-do follow up


Date Added: May 19, 2011


Sodium/Outso Blasters Paradise

Date Added: May 15, 2011


The Whole En-Chelada Ep. 1

Description: This will soon be a PSN Home based talk show.

Date Added: May 10, 2011