There are 2 ways to have a chance at winning:

01/04/2012 14:55

1.) Create a logo for The Whole En-Chelada, this can be done with a computer program, hand drawn, painted or any other type of art medium (take a digital image of your art to submit)


2.) Write us a story, tell us something embarrassing thats happened to you.


You have 1 month to complete your entries (January 6th - February 6th) To submit email: with the subject as either Art or Written then the body needs to include your PSN id and your photo or story. Please be sure to only submit Once! Within 24 hours of receiving your email you will be emailed back stating that your entry has been received. If you are not contacted within 24 hours, please resubmit. If you have any questions please email us at: Remember! Have fun and be creative! And to stay informed about The Whole En-Chelada visit our website, friend us on Facebook (!/TheWholeEnchelada), and/or follow us on Twitter (@WholeEnchelada).